My collection, Rock Series, is based around the developing Shanghai skyline. I studied the skeletons of the complex framework to the empty shells of completed but not yet inhabited buildings. In response to this I created a sculptural collection through pushing the boundaries of design and textiles, combining a variety of different media to create an innovative material. My work is solid, weighty and tactile; they are to be touched, played with and enjoyed. They flirt with the contrast of different textures. Through this cross-disciplined approach, I researched materials and media that are not typically associated to textiles but yet can still be incorporated harmoniously with fabric. These can then be molded and manipulated into three-dimensional objects that synthesize with my initial concept. ROCK is a collection that is suitable for home ware and interior installations due to the dimensional and weighty nature of the pieces.

After growing up in West Africa, an education in Europe and spending the last few years developing my style in Australia it is fair to say that I have been influenced by my surroundings.

Textile Design BA at Chelsea College of Art and Design